Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Worst Inside Us...

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am so so.  There are a lot of things out in the World, and none of it is really any good.  None of it means anything.  There is no significance to all the efforts put out there.   You won't make the World a better place.   You won't make any difference to anything at all, and that is hard for you to accept.  It is the truth, and the truth like I said soooo many times, and for soooo many YEARS is the hardest thing YOU will ever do. 

You gotta hold on though don't you.  You gotta hold onto the World, because it is all YOU know.  Your life has to mean something right??  There has to be some good right??  This shit is for a reason right?? 

Well, unfortunately all life is pretty pointless.   A mass mixture of various types of suffering, and selfish deeds, and infinite justifications, and false beliefs, and false truths, and all kindsa crap like that.   I mean if you could boil life down to one thing, wouldn't you want to make YOU the best person you could be??

What would you do??  Go out and make a lot of $$$??  Put forth effort so much you throw up all over the place, because throwing up is your bodies way of telling you that you are doing healthy stuff right?? 

Somehow someway you want to prove that you matter huh??  Your life matters.  You are smart, and you know how to make this World a better place, and you hold onto false truths, and false paths, because anything else is scary right?? 

Isn't that what trust is all about??? 

What answers do you have??  What path are you taking that is going to make you the best a person can be?? 

You don't want any of that do you.   You want you, and you want this World, and you want to see what type of mark YOU can make no matter the consequences?? 

The worst that is inside us is the parts that have the answers.   The parts that "know" our direction and our destination.   The parts that "think" we must be fabulous somehow.   The worst that is inside us is Everything.   Why??  We all are one big lie.   We don't recognize all the bad stuff inside us, but always trying to show our self-perceived good side, with our infinite ability to justify damn near anything.  

I ask and ask and ask, when are you going to be strong enough to overcome you??  When will you see your life for how it really is??

When will you finally agree I am not the best a person can be, and really I wouldn't even know how to achieve that?? 

When will you finally in all your weakness become strong?? 

That is what I'd like to know.   I really don't want to read about the other B.S.   It is all false and lies, and worthless.  

Truth is a bitch like I said, and none want to look at it, or accept it.  Really the truth seemingly is about the last thing you want to deal with.   You would rather hold onto some type of false fabulous crap. 


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