Thursday, April 17, 2014

What In Life Can You Really Count On??

Hello, and good afternoon all.  I have been up a while contemplating whether to blog or not.  I used to do this a lot, and now I sure don't.  One of the things you really cannot count on. 

What else can you not count on, besides things that may have showed up on the bottom of this blog before.   ;)  

Stock market always rises is a favorite for those whose knowledge of History is like 20 years.  Hard work pays off??   I am sure some Enron employees were hard workers. 

Look at all the things you believe in your heart to be true.  Why do you believe it to be true??  Would you dare doubt EVERYTHING you believe??  Ya kinda have to if you want to learn. 

Our whole life is a poisoned learning experience.   What we learn really all our life, is teachings of "doctrine" the precepts of men and women.  Our learning is flawed, and so are we.  All this poisoned learning has put us on a destiny of unfulfilled expectations. 

For the straight people what are you supposed to do??  Get married have kids, get a job, and live happily ever after right?? 

What would some of the lessons of Noah teach us??  People were getting married having kids, doing their jobs, etc...   instead of listening to the weirdo making the ship.  

Just so you know. you would be the same way.   You would never ever go on that ship.   You have other shit to do.   More important stuff to do. 

See what I mean??  You think you know how life is supposed to be, but you don't, because your mind is clouded with the precepts of men and women.   Everyone has traveled the path you traveled.   You are no different than anyone else, except there is this crazy dude here, blogging and blogging and blogging.   Went through a hard life to learn a lot of things, because doing this is my job.  

One of the things I learned about this blog is the weakness of Humans.   The lack of faith in humans.   The shallow things we hold onto "pretending" our lives matter.  

We look at ourselves as one in a million when really we are just one of the many pebbles of sand on the beach.  

There is higher learning and higher teachings, but ya kinda gotta throw all the crap that is in you out.  Trust me, we are full of a lot too.  

The leaven that you grew up on is poison, and you just don't know it.  

One of the things you can count on is this blog when I do it sure is free, but not really is it??   Cuz if you read it than you know too much to deny it.  


Yeah.   That should scare you a bit I would think.  

Oh well.   I am outta here.  

Have a good one.   :)    xoxo

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