Saturday, October 22, 2016

One Thing I Thought Of.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am fine. We met up with some people from Lisa's work last night. We met at a bar in South Haven, and went to a haunted house. It was pretty fun. The haunted house was not scary, but it was fun to get out. I don't really do that a lot, so it was nice.

Today after this I plan on going for an hour run. I'll probably do the same on Monday. Ideally for me I'd like Saturday to approach 20 miles further down the line,  and Monday to approach 13. No reason, but I feel the halfway point of a Marathon should feel like you just went out for a casual jog. if you feel like you ran a half marathon at 13.1, the next 13.1 will be challenging. My thinking is to have many many runs approaching the 13 mile marker.

Anyway, when I woke up this morning I thought how easy it would be to quit this thing entirely. You could just stop doing it, and call it a day. I think many many people did that.

I know in this thing we've kinda hit a dead end. life in the wilderness is a dead end. In life people kinda seek out what makes them special. What is unique to us that makes me special. The World will give you all kindsa answers. There are many things one can do under the sun. The secret of the wilderness though is there is nothing special about you. you are not some remarkable creature singled out for greatness this World has never seen. 

You are just a person living a life. many have done it, and many are doing it. Your head is filled with all types of propaganda,  because that is what the World is filled with. The truth is found nowhere near here. The World  is just filled with many thoughts and ideas by people no better than you. There are no great people in the past.

You have heroes cuz you are not strong enough to stand on your own. Trust me, I lived life in the wilderness. I know the truth of all things pertaining to life. It doesn't matter. We do not matter. The things you strive for is just wind. Your heart isn't right so you cannot comprehend it.

In the wilderness there is no value to our life and our deeds. The wilderness sucks,  but it teaches us a lot. it teaches us a life worth living is something outside our control. The value we really want in ourselves comes from elsewhere.

The wilderness walks hand in hand with the truth. I see that now. I didn't see it back then.  Without going the right way life is just filled with anger. it is a life filled with blame.

So there is you, and there is me. A million miles are between us, cuz I've already done the hard miles. Most are still out for their first walk-run training day. that can start anytime,  but you gotta get off the couch of life. the first step is a hard one, cuz we all are born wrong,  but we believe we are right. Our foundation is built on a lie.

It took a lot to get where I am now. I cannot help you bridge the gap either.  It is your story,  and the future is all up in your hands. It isn't in family,  kids, babies, or anyone else's hands. The truth is all of this would have been easier solo,  as it is written,  but nothing is impossible. There is no Web too great. Your biggest obstacle is probably your own perceived greatness.

That is pretty funny.  :)

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