Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Been A While.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??   Me, I am doing good. I haven't done this thing in a while, and it felt pretty good. No one has any opportunity to stick their nose in my business.

Really I have no business. There isn't any great thing I am doing. I re-read a post that popped up on my History thing on FB. It was my 1101st post. I think I am at 1600 or 1700 and something now. It was pretty much the same shit I've written for a while.

I see life quite a bit different now than I used to. I settle in for the long haul though. People are going on with their lives. Day after day. Important plans are being made.  5 and 10 year plans are being mapped out.

Anyway I came up with a plan. I realized I am healthy. I am busy working every day, but I had a thought why not train for something. I scouted out my books, and found a Marathon training plan. it is like a 29 week plan. 3 weeks are after the race.

I don't have a Marathon in mind yet, but I figured I might as well see if I can stay healthy. I'll try and be smart. take days off. try not doing 2 a days like I did yesterday.  :)

it's good for me to have a plan. it's good for me to have a map for this type of thing.

it also is good I know it still doesn't mean shit. in things pertaining to life and death there are no points for this stuff. that is where you and I differ. I didn't put all my coins in the pot for a life of racing. it won't keep you alive forever,  and it doesn't make you perfect.

You still gotta deal with you.  you ain't a Saint. it isn't a bad thing to seek out the reasons  why.  It is good also if you know you aren't a Saint. Some people I question if they even know that about themselves.

But hey, this is just a blog. I am just a person. I let you in. Unfortunately for you.  :)

The shit I tell you is hard. Life is hard. We like to have all fun days, but life is a serious thing. it has a pretty serious ending.

I have a Marathon to train for. it doesn't start til next week,  but I already am going to go for a run before my long run Saturday, instead of taking a day off. I am dumb like that.

I am out. Til next time. 


xxoo.  :)

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