Monday, February 17, 2014

So I Have A Day Off...

Hello, and good morning (barely).  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I have the day off today, and it is a banking Holiday so I don't have to go in later to clean the bank.  They are closed.   I still have to clean up from Friday, but I can go in after this and do it.  I have to shop for something for dinner, and cook dinner. That is it.   I don't get many days like this.  M-F I typically have to do the bank, and I work most weekends.   I am cool working weekends though, because I don't do anything, and don't have anything I want to do. 

I have written sooooo many things on this blog, and people really haven't listened.   You haven't believed.  People keep going on doing their life thing.  Never looking back.  Never seeking answers.  Never asking why.   A lot of the things I have put on here are important.  This is your life though, and it is your things you have to deal with.   Your decisions to be made, and the consequences of your actions are yours to take.  Do you want what you deserve??  Can you handle that consequence??  Are you cool with it?? 

Weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Not for a weekend, or for the work week, but forever.   I once had a taste of what it would be like.  It was a fairy tale version of it.   It is what clothed me for just a very short time way back when.  I suffered a lot.  I had those 6 days, and this was the time Lora and I became friends.   I was doomed.   Walking the streets with no hope.   Knowing full well what my future would be like.   No hope on Earth, and a shitty eternity to deal with.   The only thing I wanted was salvation, and that door was closed.  

Then I saw the birds in the trees, and I saw my eyes were opened to be able to read the word, and grasp its meaning.   The cartoon version of Hell I went through, and all of a sudden I was full.   I was on the right side of being right, and man,  I was going to be the best person ever.   Then it was taken all away.   There are many layers to the word, and understanding the word is out of our grasp.   Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding huh??   The 3 layers.   I always wanted that last one.   I knew what it would mean.   It would mean I would have everything I ever needed.   What a long and hard, and strange journey for me to get what I wanted most.  

Soooo, anyway I go through all this.  I lived this life, and suffered much.  I blog about it for years and years on end.   What do you do??   Ignore it. 

WTH???   Now you see how fricken pissed off I get at you people.   You have all the answers.  You are the builder of your own path of righteousness.  You know all the turns to make, and you have all the directions in your mind of what you need to do. 

I am like, ummmm,  know you don't.   You don't know shit.  You haven't done shit, and you are being pretty fucking dumb.  

So all this is happening, and you will get to understand the power of forgiveness, because you will need it.   These days I would just forget about all you.   You all are pretty worthless, and that is why you need help.   Someone much better than me, and someone who can turn a blind eye to the truly horrible people you are.  

There is only one way, and the way is not my idea, and it isn't my plan, and I tell you what.  It sure isn't from your plans either.  Your plans are short-sighted, and ignorant, and if you could see the World through my eyes, and then see what you all continue to do.  You would be flabergasted. 

In other words, I think you people are, and have been acting really fucking dumb a long time.

I spent a life suffering to find answers.   Willing to go wherever I need to.  A hidden journey from everyone's eyes.  My journey is known by me, and the maker of my path.   I have been made to be able to help, but I can help very very little, and you all need a lot of help.  I mean a lot.   You are really fucked up, and the thing that gets me, is you think your life is something important and something special.  

We are one of the many who walked this earth.  Our numbers are as the sand of the sea, but you are that one important person??


Later.   :)

Have a good one.   :)

xoxoxoxoxo    :)

MWAH!!!     :)

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