Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I Don't Know Why...

Well for someone who has spent the better part of the last several years blogging almost every day, I sure don't do it much anymore.   I don't know why.   I think what I have to say is pretty boring probably.  I don't have anything new or interesting to say.  I sometimes think about me, and how I feel, and I realize how lucky, and what a good position I am in.  How I feel on the inside is usually pretty good.

You people don't understand me, and you don't know how I am how I am.   I understand a lot of you, and I know many of you are full of crap.  What is it with us that makes us want others think we got it down??  We know our direction, and we are the pushers and pullers of our own destiny??  What makes anyone think their life will be anything different than Anne Frank's??

What part of this Earth and this life do you have control of??   What part of your ending do you have control of??

I know youth and vigor and all that stuff.   We have energy, and we can do things.   What part of anything you do matters??   Who are you impressing??  Who cares about you??  One thing I learned about doing this blog is people don't give a fuck about other people.   Our lives are all about us.  It is not in your heart to give two fucks about anyone else.   Just you.

Do you see the problem??  Do you see you??  Do you want to be better, or would you rather collect some stupid trophy that sits on some stupid shelf that no one cares about??

Many of you have no understanding of life.   You got things mixed up, and your hearts are a mess.   I have been telling you about this for a while, but you are hard headed and you will not listen.

I want better things for you, and you want to show this meaningless World you are worthy of it.  That you matter to this World.

Well the only important thing about this World are the people, but the people are too enamored with the World to give a fuck about the important lessons that have been taught.

See how all y'all are fucked up??

Oh well.

til next time.


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