Thursday, February 27, 2014

Can I Really Blog Right Now??

Hello, and good evening/early morning all.   How's it going??   Me, I am doing pretty good.   I am done with the bank, and am sitting up having a cocktail.  Typically if I write something I publish, not sure if this will be published or not.   Not because I have any great hidden thing I want to show you.   Obviously that shit is all out.   I just don't think I have anything important to say. 

I do think of running, and putting in effort.  My knee is really doing great I'd say, but I have a weird thing with my ankle.   Picture a pinched nerve in your neck.  Shit comes out of nowhere and lasts a day or two.   I did something before work to my ankle last night, and was limping ever since.   It feels much better now. 

So what was my day made up of yesterday??   LASAGNA.  I made lasagna for dinner.  Probably my best one ever.  It was so fricken good, and is there anything better in life than putting in a little effort to make a nice meal??  It is little things like that which are fun to me. 

What does my life consist of??  Not much really.  Simple things.   A simple saying says the truth sets you free, and isn't the truth a trip??? 

I have an area where I disconnect with people.   How I feel on the inside.   I know how you all want to feel.   Important, like you matter, like you have the right answers.   You all are missing something huh?  Life doesn't feel totally complete does it??   So you look out there and try and grab the best thing you can think of. 

If we have no redeeming qualities and we don't really matter, then what are we?? 

I think I know you kinda see this, and it is making your life hard.   Does it help to know this is good stuff??  Life is full of a bunch of hard shit we don't wanna do.  I am not talking about stupid jobs and shit, I am talking about taking the hard look at us.  These are the areas where I really like you.  

Anyway, I am up late, just fucking around really.  It is our anniversary today, and the bank had the date on their counter thingy.   I would have totally forgot AGAIN.   I don't think Lisa has a clue.   :) 

LOL we are unconventional.  

Later all.   MWAH!!   :))   xoxo

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