Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not Much On My Mind, but I'll Give This A Whirl...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I worked at the new grocery store two nights now, and both nights went really well.   I dare say there is a good crew there.   The people all seem nice, hard working, and they like their jobs. 

I will tell you some things they do different than what happens at the other store.   Frozen, and Dairy get done 3rd shift.   That is two extra workers to help out.  Dairy is his own person, but frozen gets done by the night crew.   If they did that at the old store things would run a lot smoother I bet.   More synergy.  We got a crap load done on Tuesday night.  It was a truck night, and we went through overstock of frozen, and everything got done, and we left before 7:00 AM.   Unheard of at the old store.  Plus there are go to guys who know a lot, and can do a lot, and can take charge in any situation.   I am pretty happy with the way things are going there.  

Other than that not much going on with me.   I have absolutely no running goals, and actually I am not running right now.   Only place I could run is downtown Holland.  They have the snowmelt sidewalks.   We have had a ton of snow, and it hasn't been above freezing in like a month.   The snow just sits there.   Our usually pretty good sidewalks are crap for running now.  I don't care though. 

In a life full of turns, I can and have been able to make many turns at many points in life.   Something none of you can do.   You are boxed into your life.   You cannot escape.  Who knew one of the best things in life and strongest things you can do is make a turn.   My life is the way it is because of turns.   I am the way I am because of a very important turn.   I learned soooooo much from this turn.  

What did I want out of life before the turns??   Get married, get a good job, have kids I spose.  You know, what we grew up believing we were supposed to do.  I look back at that time now, and I realize how shallow and unmeaningful that type of life would have been.   That is why people are probably miserable.  Trapped in their life.  Trapped in Society, and really we want the freedom to be us.  

I cannot tell you the story of your life.   I cannot tell you how it will go.  I can tell you there is more to life than what you are experiencing now.  More to life than the avenues you think are the most important now. 

Just can't get it through some of your thick skulls.   :)   LOL

Anyhooooo, I am just touching base.  

Have a fab one all.   :)   xoxoxoxoxoxo

MWAH!!!   :)

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