Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Well, I Guess I Better Blog...

Hello, and good afternoon all.   How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I am blogging for the heck of it.  I don't really have anything important to say, or maybe I do.  I know some important things about life, but no one really wants to hear about that. 

I have no idea which direction this post will go, but I will look inside my heart, and see what is there.  For the record, I am not angry.  My heart is clear.  I am clear, and as always I can feel my being is lit up.  It is seen, I am seen, and I feel it.   Like Adam before the fall I hide nothing. 

In a World full of judging you may wonder where I have the courage to show my less than perfect self without fear.  That is the story too huh??  From my scared self who got kicked to the ground after heimleblog who was able to stand back up with help with the Journey.  I was scared though wasn't I??  I just wanted to be right, and I did not want to ever be judged again.  The evil World won, and it beat me down, and Friends and Family judged me. 

The Journey is really a little story of me coming to terms with one more piece of my life.   I thought I did all that way long ago, but probably for a very good reason one little thing was held back so I could finish it all while being viewed during these times, and with the people who would look at it besides me.  Back in my younger years in the early 90's only I knew what I was thinking, and what I dealt with.  My Journey blog was to show others.  So one little piece remained of my life I had to go through. 

So anyway that is all done, and that was a long time ago, and this here blog started up.   Journey over and the Wait starts up, and I am done.   I overcame the 2nd time, and my work was done.  I still have one more thing to do, and have to overcome one more time, but it isn't me who does the work, and it will be the one who overcame all those centuries ago overcoming again, because that was the story.   It was hidden, and it was not known, and who knows why? 

Oh I know I know the crazyness of it.   This kid here being raised up to learn these things, and to teach these things, and I tell you what, the last thing I ever wanted was to teach these things, because teachers get judged to a higher standing, but I have help.  I have a message that is the truth, and it is the right message, and I have confidence, and faith, and am assured, because I am done.   My work has been accepted, and I have been accepted. 

You may wonder why those teachers may get judged to a higher standard, and it is because they teach the wrong message.   Their message falls short, and many many fall into that trap.   They stop the search, because they got the answer, but in reality they don't have the answer, and the teacher taught them false truths. 

As one who lived a life of being judged for whatever reason the last thing I wanted was to be judged harsher, and wouldn't you know it I have the confidence and am assured to the degree I am now. 

That is my story, and you know my story.

My message is a hard one.  I told you the truth is a Bitch, and it goes against everything we were taught, but in your heart you know it is right, as long as you don't shut your heart off.  Harden it so to speak.  Your heart is used to listen, and out of fear we will harden it so we don't have to listen to the harsh truths. 

Things like our life doesn't matter.   All our energy used in whatever activities matter not one bit in the scheme of things.   You get no points for the life you lived up to this point.   We all are imperfect humans with a less than perfect story.  My path I took brought me to a place where I came to terms with who I am.   I came to terms with my life.   I sought the truth, and it found me.   I sought for answers and they came to me.  

I offer you a hard journey.  Nothing easy about it.   It is one of fear, and you know mostly probably fear.   Life is a harsh thing, and harsh things are done in life, and The way of Society is not the way of higher learning. 

I have a blog.  It has a story, and it has a message.   It may not always be what you want to hear, but I warned you many many times it isn't going to be easy. 

My path was hard, and it was horrible, but I stand where I do now, because this was the story laid out for me.   This was my path.   Not my story, and not my will was done in any of this, because I am way too far short-sighted to know what the heck I am supposed to do.  I am too scared to be able to stand with the confidence I do now, but I have help.   I am like a little kid again, because I can do no wrong.  

It doesn't mean everything I do is right mind you, but all is seen, and all is known, and I have no problem walking in the light.   That my friends is confidence, and that came along with other things.  

I am not who I am now without the help I had along the way.  With a happy heart I accept the uselessness of my life, but with a happy heart I continue to do what I do in any way I can. 

So that is that, and that is my blog today, and it is raining.   I hazzz some coffee ready so I guess I will drink that.  

about those damn dishes.   When did I become so lazy about doing dishes??  I am in a bad rut there.   Oh well.  

cya laterzzz

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