Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Comfort In Numbers??

I don't know if I have anything to write about, but maybe I do.  My title came to my mind, because I think people try to live that.  Comfort in numbers.  I have a group of similar minded individuals.   We believe many of the same things, and are interested in many of the same things, so we are good. 

Only problem with numbers is our end, none of them will be around.  Your life is only you.  No one else.   I don't care if you are married and have kids or anything like that, your life is all about you.  Throw the numbers away. 

You cannot say, yeah I was a part of this group.  Means nothing.   Your life, your actions your deeds.  Now it is time to answer to them.   Throw whatever group shit you think is important, because when all the light shines directly on you, what do you have to say?? 

I know I know, you want to say, well we did this and that.   Throw your whole life away actually.   All the time you spend doing whatever you do.  None of it matters, and there are no points.  Points come from things unseen, and things you don't control.   This life was not yours to keep.  It wasn't for you to hold onto.  There are no justifications, and things like that, there is only you. 

You have been given good information that came at a price.   A life I had to live to get to this point, but you hold onto you.   You hold onto your life with zero points, because it is all you know, and all you trust. 

I think a life looked at from your eyes.  Your thoughts, and your actions, what does it say??  What have you done??  You don't make this World a better place, because that ain't happening.   You don't make people's lives any better, because you are too selfish.   You haven't scored any points where life is all about the points scored.   You are on a path to continue being shut out in the game of life too. 

Don't you think this stuff is important to think about??   You belong to no group, and no Country, and no community in reality, because you answer for you.   No one else, and groups and Country etc... don't even show up on the last day.  They have no bearing on anything at all. 

You live in the dark, because you are afraid.  Rightfully afraid too, because the World will judge you.   We will judge you, but if you did the Right things, and made the right turn, you will be given everything you need.  

Right now you have nothing of what you need, because you hold onto you, your group, your life, and this World.   All of which mean and stand for nothing. 

A tough message here I have to tell you about yes.   Only the strong survive, and all of you are too weak.  You use the World as your crutch, and it is the World you have to overcome.   Only one was strong enough for that.  It ain't you either.   I can fucking guarantee you that.

That is it for today!!!    :)

Thanks for reading!!!    :)

Hope Everyone has a pretty shitty day.   :)


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