Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just Letting The Light Shine

Every day you see just a little bit of light from people, and I think it is awesome.  God sure knows what he is doing.  Sometimes I despair a bit, and boom he picks me up.  I know I am learning things, and growing.  We don't grow 8 inches in a week though, so it goes along slowly.  That helps me enjoy the journey.

I think a lot of days I will have struggles, hard patches if you will, but it is all for good.  I see a lot of good out there, and it is pretty great.  We all have a bit of light, and might as well let it shine. 

Another list:

  • I sent xo's girl a message, I loved her xo's.  I told her she was one of my favorites now.  :)
  • She said she already thought she was.  Ha ha!!
  • I didn't bike very long yesterday.  I was going to, but got sidetracked
  • All my days aren't easy, but the good outweighs the bad
  • The good is really good, and even God uses the bad.  :)
  • track work tonight.  fun fun
  • I like the way drinking makes me feel.
  • I should probably drink less.   $$$$$   :)  
  • I don't miss workouts, and I don't miss work, and I still go in early!!!   :)

Guess that is about it for today.

Xo's to all!!!   :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Many Titles to Choose From

Yesterday was quite the eventful day.  I woke up earlier than I needed, and still managed to putz around too much, and got into work at 5:20 instead of my desired 5:00.  Something that happens quite a bit M-F.  :)

3 things really stand out.  I sent 3 messages to 3 friends.  One was going through a rough patch.  We have only been friends for like a month.  I know her sister-in-law, and I went to school with her husband.  Her husband is new to FB, and non-existent to FB.  Anyway I like her and sent her words of encouragement.  I wasn't having the best of days yesterday.  I struggle with that a lot actually, although not everyone knows.  A friend of mine from H.S. posted something that really settled me down.  I think it will help me very long-term too.  I sent her a word of thanks.  I also sent another letter/ message to someone also from H.S. She has disappeared from FB, and just making sure things were o.k.  She gave it up for lent, also wine, chocolate, all things digital, and maybe even something else.  I told her I could give up chocolate, but that would be about it.  :)

Anyway it is those things that really make my day.  I love that the most.  Oh and there is another person too who is always having these awesome status updates.  She signs all her posts with XO's.  Don't know why, but I love the XO's signature.  I think it is cute or something.  She is pretty GREAT too.

Oh, and I had a run too.  Legs weren't all that great, so kept it at 5 miles.  I just raced Saturday, so that might have been it.  I wanted to do a trail run, but still a little cold, so wanted to stay in the sun.  8:45 pace.  Lisa worked in the flower beds, I hung out, and cooked out.

Really a pretty great day, and things are looking good for today too, since I will be biking.  :)  oh and probably cooking out too.  Gotta love Spring and Summer huh?

Gotta Run!!

Have a great day!!!  :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weather Looking Good

Got the grill going yesterday.  Lisa was cracking the whip making me help her with the basement.  I wanted to get it cleaned up anyway. 

Anyway here was my day in a nutshell:

  • up early
  • Go back and lay in bed some more.  :)
  • clean basement, and stuff.  Darn wife!!  :)
  • walk dogs
  • easy bike ride-7 miles-- :)  (stop at Beau and Charity's for a bit)
  • hot on bike ride- decide to grill out instead of tacos
  • get new grill burner  (That crap is too expensive!!)   :)
Today is a run day.  I am thinking 8-ish.  68, by Wednesday and 70 after that.  I will probably get 864,000 miles on my bike this week.  I'll have to go see if that would be a p.r. for me.  I'll get back to you on that.  

Have a great day!!!  :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Boxer loses 10 lbs. in 2 days to get down to 165, and wins!!!   WOO HOO!!!  Must be nice being young.

So anyway...................wait I am changing my Title..


Man was that a hard course.  Are you kidding me??  We start off up a hill.  I say something to the effect like ohhhh that will get your heart-rate up.  A girl says just wait.  Then she falls over her feet.  YIKES!!  We get up that hill, and I see another 800 Meter hill.  Before the climb of that hill there is a turnoff for the 5K.  Boy did that look inviting.  So that 800 M hill is just one in a long line of 9.375 miles of hills.

I don't feel like blogging today, so keeping it short.  I pick up the effort, at mile 5, but not necessarily the speed.  (against the wind)  I thought of trying to draft off a girl ahead of me, but she was too small, and I felt strong.  I went on my own, and took the wind.  I eventually caught up to Jerry at the 8-something mile mark, and kicked it with a 1/2 mile left.  (The only non-hill section)  :)

Jim, beat me by 4 minutes.  :)  Told you he was strong.  :)

Kudos to the two 80 year old guys duking it out under a 10 min/mile pace.  How GREAT is that??

Gayle won the Masters women.  Of course!!  No one around here can touch her.  She isn't even in top form yet.

My pace was 8:05.  On a regular course I think it would be 7:40.  That is how hard it was.  I didn't tell Jim, because I didn't want to put pressure on him.  He was 7:39 pace.  I am thinking 7:20'ish for Boston.  Not bad for someone over 55.  :)

Slept most of the day.  Went to hang out with some friends, and slept over there.  Hope they enjoyed my conversation.  :)

cya!!   :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Looked at the stupid tourney picks for the first time in quite a while.  Stupid Baylor!!!  What a bunch of horseshit!!!!  :)

I don't have much today...I don't think.  My bike ride to work yesterday was pretty cold.  It was hard though is the one thing I remember most.  I was out of the saddle the whole way, and actually had to stop peddling a couple times, cause I was winded.

I got tied up into another project at work too, so didn't leave til 3:00.  Getting tied up into projects is pretty good for the paycheck.  :)

Maybe a list is in order:

  • Hailey got called for a job.  :)
  • Should be a fun (run) race
  • Probably go easy til 3-4 miles left
  • That is it!!!
Boring entry today!!!!  :)

Have a GREAT day!!!   :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Fun

Well, I had a couple drinks last night, had a good time.  Good track workouts = me not sleep good.  I wake up early, not to mention I beat up my body quite a bit. 

Remember I was going to ride the trainer on Thursday??  I thought to myself why?  To lose weight?  No reason for it. I was tired and took a day off.  The weather changes Tuesday in Holland for the better.  Woo Hoo.  I am going to be a bike riding machine.  can't wait.

So things are going really well at the Pejchl household.  Jackie is starting to deal with things in a positive way.  I could not be happier for her.  Lisa is doing the tough stuff a parent has to do.  Hailey is out finding a job, and I think she'll get one.  At the very least Taco Bell.  Hope she brings home some free stuff.  ;)

What a great day. 

Happy!!  :)

Have a Great day!!!!  :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Energy Day

Yesterday was a total energy day.  I woke up, and was totally energized the whole day.  I worked close to 10 hours, and think I am close to finishing the week on a good note.  (getting as much done as I wanted)  I came home, putzed around for just a bit, and did some stuff around the house.  Then 6:00 rolled around, and it was time to run to the track.  We meet at 6:30 after the daylight savings.

For track we did my favorite workout--mile repeats.  It is simply just a slow mile (marathon pace) followed by a tempo mile.  2 minutes recovery after the two.  We repeated it 2 more times.

A couple things to note on my marathon pace.  2-hour Riverbank is not out of the question. (7:40 pace is doable)  My tempo pace was 7:07, 7:20, (tried staying @10-k pace, first one too fast)  and the last one was a race. The 4 old guys started together.  We had the man with many first names just pace our first mile at 8:00.  (By old guys, I am by far the youngest of the 4)  After that mile Jim, and Jerry took off fast.  I kept my pace.  I felt confident in my pace.  I figured if they are going to go, then go.  At the halway point my pace was 7:20, and I felt good.  I still stayed comfortable, but perhaps picking it up a bit.  An idea surfaced to have a big 4th lap.  On the 4th lap I pick it up.  They are still a good distance ahead of me, but I feel good.  I know my last 200 is going to be big, and the last 100 will be a sprint.  I am really close to them on the turn, and the last 100 throw down!!!  It was fun, I felt good, and 6:53 for my last mile.

Man was that fun!!!

Race this weekend, hope the old guys don't beat me.  Jim is STRONG!!!!

I'm out!!!

I think the rabbit is very close to finding my sexy feet again.  Going to be one of them mornings...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short Update... I think

I woke up a half hour late today.  My alarm I don't set must not have gone off.  I still haven't switched it from daylight savings yet.  Makes me have to do math when I wake up.  :)  Oh, and I had 5 updates from my list of 10 or whatever bloggers.  Busy, busy, busy.

I was lazy, lazy, lazy yesterday.  First off, I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I told Lisa when she showed up to work, I wanted to come home, and take a nap outside with the puppies.  That is eventually what happened.  I left work a little late though, I got tied up into a project.  I will probably have to work late today too.  Heavy load this week, but we are getting ready for our busy season, so all the departments are busy. 

Today is speed work, so I get back into running.  I am thinking Thursday is a trainer ride.  I didn't want to use that thing again this year, but I am so tired of riding in 40 degree weather or whatever.  I was excited when it first turned 40, but now I want a minimum of 60.  :)  I guess I'll take 55.

I guess that is it for today. 

Guess it was short.  How about that. 

Hope you have a great day.  :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now That is Why I Read Blogs!!

Now you know my blog list is pretty random.  I randomly started reading  the original 4 blogs in my list a little over 1 year ago.  It has grown, shrunk, grown, and shrunk throughout the last year.  Reason being, I don't have all the answers.  I trust the original 4 though, probably cause I have read so much of them. 

I sometimes worried about reading girls blogs, just cause I am a guy, but as everyone who has ever read me knows I am a happily married guy.    Girls typically are more open and honest than guys.  Not always, but as a general rule.  Guys have baggage to overcome.  In that regard guys typically are the weaker sex.  Girls make better bloggers.  :)

Sometimes you stumble across a new blog.  I was reading one, and came across this, as it was linked. (Maija's boyfriend) How about that last paragraph?  He doesn't have all the answers.  He questions things.  Cool.  Now that is why I read blogs.  Pretty cool.  So on a day where I was about to shrink the list, I added to it.  Another guy too, how about that??

Shrinking the list kind of tells you what kind of Monday I had.  I was hoping for a good one, but it was pretty tough.  Still I got some stuff done though.

I biked to work.  Did my shift.  I don't think I did a very good job yesterday at work, but got done what needed to get done.  It is going to be a hard week though.  I biked home with the wind.  Averaged 64 mph.  :)   I was going to get a run in.  I did get a short one in.  The legs didn't feel that great, so it was only a 3 something miler.  I took the dogs for a walk, made a good dinner, cleaned the kitchen, and even did a bit of laundry again.  I went to bed early too.  Now that is still being productive on a crappy day.  I even had time to sit outside, and took some pictures of the flowers again.

You know what??  Maybe my day wasn't so crappy after all, even though I was not always in the best frame of mind.  Weird!!

Weird blogging time I know.  Insomnia.

Hope you have a great day!!  :)

Oh yeah, and Lisa made it to work, but didn't feel great at home.  Nasty bug of some sort.  Hope I don't get it.  So far so good, I feel like a million bucks.

Now let's have a good Tuesday!!

Oh one other thing.  I said a little prayer kind of.  Maybe just a thought, but God hears.  I would hope to be nicer to Jackie.  (mother-in-law)  I have the ability to help people in some regards, and would like to help her if I can.  I know some of her path.  I'd like to help her in a nice way.  A nice honest way, not a mean honest way.  You know??

The Pictures!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Productive Sunday

From Saturday to Sunday was quite a difference. Saturday snow, and Sunday sun. Gotta like it.

First off I woke up at my normal time, but fell back asleep til I think 6:00 or so. I did my blog thing I like to do, and really putzed around on line for quite a bit. I cleaned up the kitchen, once I got moving, and did a load of laundry. I then went grocery shopping. I was only going to pick up a few meals, but there were good sales, and I picked up enough for the whole week. We may need some more sides, but luckily our local lumber yard sells a lot of that stuff. :)

After groceries, I looked outside and decided I am going running. I only ran like 4 miles yesterday, so I was like screw it. I went on my 6 mile route. I stopped off at Beau and Charity's and talked to them for a bit. They were just chilling.

I finished my run. 6.2 @ 8:40. Putzed around on line for a bit, and made dinner. Spaghetti. Seems like we have an Italian theme on Sundays for some reason.

All is cool!! My heart is upbeat, and I am upbeat. My days are being enjoyed, I don't want you to worry about that, one bit. :)

Lisa is a bit under the weather, so hoping that is nothing serious. A sore throat, yuck!! Those never seem to turn into anything good. Seems like she is sleeping o.k. though. Maybe I should wake her up... nah, that might not turn out well. :)

That is it for today!!

I really really hope you have a GREAT day!!!

I think I will. :)


p.s. I have absolutely no idea what the healthcare thing is. I know some of my liberal tweeters hate it, and some like it. Me = no clue. Obama said he was going to do it though, so kudos to him. I hope it helps people. That would be my wish. Let the others bicker at each other. I am so over that crap. :) I'll take the run.

p.s. 2-- I am listening to the advice of one of my dearest friends. I'll let them do the tri's and I will run. I love to bike, so I will have some long ones of those. :)

Now cya!!! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Well Crap this is going to be long

First off I did think of that old guy after my race.  Glad I was alone, when thinking about him.  :)  It tells me something about my future.  I won't say anything about it.  I have hinted about it before.  Wanna know a great promise I have been given?  Everything that happens will be for good.  How about that?

A couple more things to get through.  A guy from work Emmanual is fighting the Golden Gloves Michigan tourney.  First round knockout yesterday.  He had to lose 13 lbs. this week to hit his weight.  Johnny and him had some tough workouts.  He fights at 165...BOXERS!!!  :)  He fights again Wednesday.

 I thought this course was fast.  People kept telling me it was pretty hilly.  I haven't run this race in a few years.  I have only run it once.  It was a p.r. for me.  24:22.  I beat the crap out of that time, but didn't break 22:00.  22:09.  :)

The whole race like I said was pretty hilly.  It wasn't an easy course at all.  I hit my first mile at 6:54.  By mile 2 I was at 14:17.  Something went wrong.  I think mile 2 is hard.  I remember a few years back someone who ran the race said his 2nd mile was pretty slow.  It was kind of a blur.  At mile 1 I thought I had it and at mile 2 I thought it was gone.  I still picked up the pace.  I saw a final straight away, and looked at my clock.  I got a shot.  I push, and push.  I look up...Shoot there is a turn and another straightaway.  :)  I won't do it, but I can still p.r.  Somewhere I go into a full sprint.  The one thing I am is fast for a sprint.  I didn't get it though.  I stopped my clock at 22:09, and that is what my chip time was.

Still not too bad.  A good race.  More track work, and my mile 1 and mile 2 split wouldn't have been so awful.   I didn't trust my pace.  I didn't run a good race, but like I said, I am still pretty darn fast for me.  :)

That is it for today.  I have another pretty easy week this week, as I have a fun 15K.  Kind of a slow down in training for my final push for the Riverbank.  I hope to help Jerry with some of his 20's too.  Need to sign up for a couple more races too.  Tulip Time 8K, and Town Crier which is a 10k, followed by a 5K.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


I wanted to say it was easy, but it wasn't.  Anger never is.  I did get to the crux of the matter though.  A person doesn't like me.  Big Deal!!  We cannot control who we like and who we don't like.  I don't like my mother-in-law.  God knows I don't.  She is alive though, and even I take pause in that.  God has plans for her, even I can see that.  Life goes on.

So anyway I have added a couple more people to who I read.  I am a commenter.  When I read a blog I comment..  Don't know why, but I do.  I think a small percentage of people are commenters.  To each their own though you know.  Do whatever floats your boat. 

So anyway I got to hang out with my friend Jacob yesterday.  Jacob, of DeBoer Bros cafe and bakery.  I learned a lot.  I learned the mirror went farther than I thought.  A lot of things happening to friends and stuff in my neck of the woods.

I met a guy who just lost his wife this past December.  They were married 61 years.  Between breaking 22:00 in a 5K and meeting this man.  I'd rather meet the man.  I didn't want to know his sadness though.  Those are things only God can deal with.  YIKES!!

So on my end all is cool.  Glad I went to bed when I did.  I don't like anger, and am sooooo glad mine rarely shows up.  I don't trust it.  I do allow God to see my anger though, cause I trust him to know how to deal with that stuff.

Pre-race.  You know what???  Don't even care.  I had such a full day yesterday hanging out with Jacob it doesn't even matter.  Give me life or give me a race, I'll take life.  I plan on kicking FUCKING ASS in that race though!!!  FUCK IT!!!  :)

That is it for today!!!

Hope you have a great day.

The truth is so freeing, I love it!!!!  

Oh one other thing.  The new cord for the computer.  $85...    FUCK!!!!  :)

Just looked at the weather.  Snow and wind!!!  22:00 in June!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Battery charger screwed

Computer about to shut off!!  No blogging today!!  :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Lot To Get Through

I think I know why I haven't been following College Basketball as much as I used to pre-College, and during College.  No horses in the race.  I have been a DePaul fan forever, and they have pretty much sucked for a long time.  Tourney time is fun.

Here are my picks:

Villanova to win it all.  No reason for it, it just worked out that way.  Every year I do my bracket, and my Champion isn't who I expect it to be.  I have them playing Kansas in the Championship game.  Minor notes:  Gonzaga over Syracuse.  Gonzaga going to the elite 8.  Not good.  Cornell had a tough draw.  I have them beating Temple and then Wisconsin, and then losing to Kentucky.  If Wisconsin ends up beating Cornell, they may have a shot at beating Kentucky.  I have Alford's New Mexico team going to the Sweet-16, only to lose to West Virginia.

My Elite-8's are 1 and 2's, except for the West.  Gonzaga and Pittsburgh.  Pitt to the final 4???  Oh brother.  Should be fun.  If Gonzaga pulls the upset I will look like a Guru!!  Ha ha!!  Hope they don't get clobbered.

Track last night told me nothing.  The workout was 6 or 8 -800's with an active 200 recovery.  I did 5.  :)   I actually wouldn't have made it home if I did more.  Bathrooms weren't open, and one more hard effort would not have been pretty.  I had to run home too.

My times ranged from 3:21- 3:31.  Like I said real close.  I told Alan it I were to guess my time it would be anywhere from 21:58-22:02.  :)  Maybe worse.  We'll see.

Funny Story:

Yesterday Lisa had a spill.  Just a brief glimpse in what it is like living with me.  Lisa was raking the leaves in front, and I was taking a nap on the grass with the puppies.  (I am tapering remember!!!)  She said she was going to go in back to lay down, and read.  I asked if she wanted to take the puppies for a walk.  She gave me a not interested look, but came anyway.  We were going pretty short anyway.  We are walking and she makes a noise.  A noise girls don't like to make, and a noise guys always seem to find funny.  First thing I do is look back, look at her, and grab my phone.  She knows I am thinking of tweeting it.  A struggle ensues for the phone.  We are laughing, and she stumbles and falls hard on her front.  Laughing ends.  Her finger hurts like hell now, and her knees are a bit banged up.  Nothing serious, but she'll be hurting for a while.  The fall was not graceful.  We laughed about it later some.  I was worried at first, and so was she.  Poor Lisa, you know I will tell people at work.  Ha Ha!!!

I guess that is about it for today.  Nothing major on the workout front today.  I may tack on some to my bike ride home, but that will be about it.  I have some laundry to do, dinner to make, and  a little basketball to watch.

Have a great day!!!  :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fantastic Day

After last week's total physical meltdown, I needed to taper.  I am tapering, and feel  good.  Yesterday all I did was bike probably 12-14 miles.  I went to the bike shop after work to get some lubricant for the bikes.  Nothing too hard, but I was sweating by the time I got home.  Lisa was in the back poop scooping, so I went out there and hung out with her and the animals.  I am tapering so I let her poop scoop. (It is an important race for me you know!!)  I did have to carry the 9000 lb. bag to the garbage though.  Still I love being outside.

Now you have my secret.  Why do I go into work so early??  To get out of work at 2:00 every day.  I get every afternoon off.  Now that is fantastic.  Granted I need a little help, and I have that.  I am blessed with a good amount of energy.  I don't need a ton of sleep, which helps.  Oh and working out a lot and being gassed by 8:00 p.m. helps too.  Helps me getting up early.

Let me add some spring pictures.  I sent them to Brian and told him it was why we are #2 and he is #3.  (Holland ranked higher than Honolulu)  He of course responded inappropriately with regards to #2.  A different #2.   :)

There you have it.  Proof Spring is here.  We'll have another bad patch of weather I am sure, but nothing too severe I hope.  One of the things I like doing is watching the perennials come up, and grow bigger and bigger day by day.  It doesn't really make me faster, but I like doing it.  :)

Track work tonight.  I should have a pretty good gauge of where I am at for this weekend's 5K.  Will 22:00 be broken this race or the Brian Diemer in June.  I should know more tonight, and I'll probably have a real good idea after Saturday's race.  :)

Hope you have a great day!!

Oh and FYI I have a 15K next week, but it really isn't an important one.  It is a hard course so I am told.  trails, hills, etc...  Just a fun run.  I have no real fast 15K's out there, so it should be a P.R., unless it is real hard.

O.K. gotta scoot.  cya!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty Good Monday

It seems I had a pretty good Monday yesterday.  I think I was either super-productive at work, or really half-assing it.  Hard to tell.  Either way, I finished stuff way early, and was able to do a bit extra, so that was cool.  Lisa went back in for a couple hours too to help out Emily.  Emily is the really funny girl at work. 

I actually ended up doing the 8- mile route too.  My legs didn't feel all that great.  My pace was 8:43.  That is slow for me these days, and would be a fast run for me if it was a year ago.  I ended up taking the dogs for a walk too, and some stuff around the house.  I was beat after dinner, and watched a Friends, Office, and Seinfeld episode, and went to bed.  7:30 I think.  Ha Ha!!  I am quite the geezer!!  :)  Geezer???? what kind of word is that?  What in the world does old geezer mean anyway??  I better look it up, in case it is offending, that would just be my luck.  Nope, just an eccentric old man. 

Well that is about it for today.  Exciting I know.  I have to take my bike on an errand/workout after work to get some lubricant for my bikes.  I am out.  My bike shop is on the North side, so that should be fun.  Supposed to be pretty nice today too.

Hope you have a great day!!!  :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun Sunday

I slept in on Sunday.  I was still tired.  I feel great now.  It looks like my mental alarm clock was set for daylight savings, as I woke up on time this morning.

Like I said no workouts for me yesterday.  That means I get a run day in today.  That should be fun.  I am thinking 6 or 8.  We'll see.  I'd like to get 8, but I'll see how I feel at the 6 mile turn.  I think I am finished with Tuesday runs downtown.  I have races the next two weeks, and want to run on Monday.

I learned something this weekend.  One of the strong runners in our group runs 6 times each week.  He was close to 60 miles this past week.  Yep, that is not me.  I run 3-4 times.  I cannot stay healthy running 6 times each week.  At least I know my limitations. 

Yesterday I made pizza.  I was going to make lasagna, but when I was at the store I craved pizza more.  It is easy, just totally load it up with a ton of good stuff.  Italian sausage, tons of cheese, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, oh, and did I mention cheese???  You need to put a lot of that on.  :)

I guess that is about it.  

Big Upset???  Gonzaga beats Syracuse.  Dumb, I know!!  Gotta have fun though. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Absolutely Beat

Well you can't say I have not given it my all up to this point.  My track workout on Wednesday was hard. I only did 3- 10:00's instead of 4.  My long run was hard, I cut it short, only 14.4 miles, and walked the last mile home.  I could not stop myself from wanting to sleep yesterday.  I was absolutely beat.  I have a plan this week.  Monday and Wednesday run, and Saturday race.  I will bike a bit, but nothing too major, and nothing too hard core. Taper!!

I feel good about my training up to this point.  I mean if I spend the week before a 5K absolutely spent, then I have done all I can.  I have no predictions, although, I am feeling more and more confident.  I'll definitely know more after Wednesday.  One thing I thought about yesterday is I am hoping, hoping, and hoping to beat my p.r. by like 6 seconds.  I want to be sub: 22:00.  6 seconds!!!!  Makes you marvel at the smashed 5K P.R.'s a bit huh??  SHEESH!!  

Lisa and I went to the party last night.  It was fun.  The lady from the burbs of Chicago was there.  She is so funny.  She has a GREAT laugh, and she laughs a lot.  It was pretty fun.  Lisa and I stayed for a couple hours.  She didn't feel all that great, and I was tired.  I slept for 896 hours yesterday.

I guess that is about it.  I am going to JUST do some stuff around the house today.  No workouts.  I am going grocery shopping, and clean the house a bit. 

Hope you have a great day!!!  :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Good and The Bad

As you know I love biking to work.  I was thinking yesterday a typical workweek adds 40 miles to my biking each week right?  Well, that is a major workout.  So transportation gives me a major workout for the week.  That I think is great.  The bad??  Doing errands after work.  When biking, that doesn't happen.  Some things I can do, but some I cannot.  I don't want to bike to get a haircut.  I'd be sweating and walk in, can I get a haircut?  No Thanks!!  Also grocery shopping.  You cannot do too much on the bike.  I didn't make it grocery shopping last weekend.  Saturday long run, and Sunday long bike ride.  Definitely need to make time for that.  Ate like CRAP for lunch this week.  :)

Anyway, I got my bike ride in.  I remembered the mileage correctly.  26.9 miles is what it came out to.  :)  I am trying to think of what I thought on my bike ride.  I thought about 66th street.  Long bike rides, and starting today we go to 66th for long run.  I'll be hitting this road a lot this season.  I love going through downtown Saugatuck.  It is filled with a ton of shops.  Starting on Memorial day it is hopping all the time.  Lisa and I will make it there a couple times for some rum runners.  Lisa rarely drinks, but she'll have one rum runner.  I'll have 3 or 4.  :)

Okay I wasn't going to say it, but I thought of Lisa's side of the family too.  Wondered how they were doing.  Lisa's Aunt still lives very close to there.  I also wondered what God had in store for me.  Interesting.

Well that is about it I guess.  I made some spaghetti last night, and damn did that hit the spot.  I went to bed really early.  I am surprised how tired  I was.  I guess biking is tiring.  Who knew??

Hope you have a great day!!

I think I'll be close to 18-19 miles this morning.  :)

Running Party tonight.  Should be a fun one!!


p.s.  My legs blew up after 90 minutes of running, so I cut the run short.  I will talk about this tomorrow I am sure, but 14.4 miles @ 8:22 pace.  

Two Things:

  1. 66th route is flat not hilly like our winter long runs.  
  2. I am fast (for me) right now
  3. I can't count
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if I was running 38 minute miles the last 1/2 hour.  :) 
Now cya!!!  :) 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Workout Postponed

I had every intention of getting a bike ride in yesterday.  I planned on going to Saugatuck and back.  It would have been around a 27 miler, coupled with my bike to work and back, really 35'ish.  On my way home it started raining, so I thought, hmm... maybe I'll take a day off.  I saw a couple girls running, so I thought well, maybe I'll get a run in.  My legs didn't feel too bad.  Then it started pouring.  I decided to take the day off.  I came home did dishes cleaned the kitchen, and went to bed early.

Today after looking at the weather it appears I get to make my trip today.  Woo Hoo!!  I worked it pretty hard this week, so the day off isn't such a bad idea.  I actually drove my truck for a bit yesterday too.  I thought Hailey needed to be picked up from school.  I got about 1/2 mile down the road, and saw Lisa picked her up, so I drove back home.  First time I drove the truck since last Wednesday's workout.  The time before that was the Friday before.  Gotta like biking season.  :)

I have things on my mind.  I can say stuff, and not say stuff it doesn't really matter, because really all is in God's hands, and I am thankful for that.

Take care!!

I hope you have a great day!!!

I think I will!!

Oh and in an effort to be healthy, I am thinking today is definitely a chocolate milk day.  :) 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We hit the track last night.  Um,  why didn't anyone remind me how hard that is??  SHEESH, and you call yourselves(f) (a) friend(s).  Ha ha!!  Here was the workout:  3-10:00's @ 2 minute recovery, or 4-10:00's.  I, for the first time, only did 3.  I actually almost thought of skipping the whole workout, which would have been a first.  I didn't know if I had anything for speed work.

All you need to know, is I think I am close.  Track = knowing your speed.  My mile splits on the 10:00's were 7:07, 7:10, and 7:15, although on the 7:15 I kicked it in the last 1-1/2 minutes to finish further than the other ones.  (I knew I was only doing 3)  If you recall my Thanksgiving 5K my splits were 7:10, 14:20, and a what I think would have been a sub: 22:00 5K if the course wasn't shortened.

Things going in my favor are the race will be on a Saturday MORNING.  I will taper.  My legs won't be obliterated like they are now.  I will also get another track workout in.  Like I said I am close.  Oh and I won't be racing after back-to-back 6 mile runs.  Also at work I walk on concrete floors all day.  I used to think that was bad for me, but now I think it (FINALLY) has made me stronger.  blessing in disguise if you will.  I'll be off those for a good 18 hours.

The track is a beast, and the first session back sure is not a smooth transition.  SHEESH!!

Hope you have a great day!!

Time for me to brush and floss.  ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Fast!!

Do you ever think maybe you should be caged up so kids can go on field trips, look at you, and throw peanuts at you??  Me neither.

Yesterday we ran downtown.  Downtown running will be done pretty soon.  It is warming up so it is starting to get a little more crowded with shoppers,diners, and walkers.  As I think about it I don't really have a big plan of attack after the Tuesday cools down.  We'll see.  I guess my schedule will change pretty soon.  I'll have to give some thought to it.  My friend Dan is running the Minneapolis Marathon this fall, so I'll see what he is up to, and maybe run some with him.  There are so many options when it warms up.   I really should do more trail running to help protect my legs.  Last year I was breaking down prior to my marathon.  I should cut on the pavement running a bit.  One of the days should be trail running.

A couple thoughts I had.  Biking helps me run better.  My legs feel better when I have a lot of biking as part of my workouts.  My legs always feel much better now after runs.  Also humidity and heat help too.  Not 90 and humid, but as the temp. is rising I feel better.  Jerry and I both noticed that last night.  I was coming off a 6 miler too.

For the record, I added another 7 miles to my ride home.  (to 66th and back)  I time trialed a bit on the ride too.  I tried pushing it a bit.  The run was 6 miles @ 8:01 pace.  My legs feel better than they did last week.  Hopefully I have a good Wednesday.

Hope you have a great day.

cya!!  :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too Cold To Bike!!

I think it was supposed to get up to 50 yesterday, so I had a bike day planned.  My wife and I work together, in case you didn't know, so I shed one of my early morning layers, as I assumed it was going to be warm.  I wasn't 1 minute into my bike ride home, until I switched it to a run day.  Running in shorts and a shirt seemed like a much better idea than dressing like an eskimo on the bike.  That will give me a lot of miles this week, but I don't think that is a bad idea as a peak week prior to my 5K coming up.  For the record I ended up going 6.2 miles @ 8:31 I think.

On my run I ran into the 67 year old who paced me on my bad day last summer.  He is running the Fargo Marathon this spring.  I was like why????  He said his friend and him pick out a spring marathon each year.  His friend one-upped him this year.  Duluth was picked last year.  Those crazy senile people.  Ha ha!!  just kidding.  He is smarter now though.  He dropped his mileage from 90/week to 60/65/ week.  He said he was too old to do 90/week.  I told him I was too.  :)  Heck I hope to get up to 40-50 this summer/ fall. 

Oh well, I guess that is it for today.  Tonight is a run night, so hopefully my Monday run will keep the pace down a bit.  We'll see. 

Have a great day!!  :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


March 7, 2010 I got  my first 50 miler of the season in.  I am a different person now than what I was a year ago.  One year ago 50 miles would have been a milestone for my "biking" season.  My season was typically just biking to work, and some 16 mile time trials on non-running days.  Now I enjoy being outside, and going long on my bike.  It was work at times, but it seems once I made my turnaround the weather was getting warmer, and I was feeling better.  When you want to do 50 there is no better feeling then hitting 40.  :)

Let me just mention my route.  There is a lot of turns, and a lot of mini-destinations which help break up the riding.  I started and did a 10 mile loop by my house.  I then went to the North side and dropped off a check to my friend Dan who signed me up as a "ringer" for the final two races of the Corporate Triple Crown.  :)  Just kidding about the ringer part.  I then headed to Lake Shore, 1/2 block away, and rode the same route I ran yesterday.  At the turnaround I was over 25 miles, so I knew I was golden once I re-traced my steps.  I was pretty excited I finished my 50, and was going to yell it from the top of my FB lungs, but all of a sudden got shy.  Weird!! 

I was able to take the puppies for a short 1.25 mile walk.  I am amazed how quickly the legs recover after a bike ride.  When I got off the bike I thought I was done.  I took a shower, and the legs felt much better.  I sat outside for another hour or so, and then headed back in.

One thought I had yesterday is I dream big, but take baby steps.  I have big goals, and as I look at them from a distance,  I doubt they are achievable.  You know a marathon is 16+10+.  That 10 + is just a series of little 1 and 2 milers that keep getting knocked off.    If looked at as a whole it sure seems daunting, but when you start knocking off the baby steps it is amazing how it works out.  I may not hit my goals, but I am sure going to have a good time working towards them right?  I think I will anyway.

Here are my goals.  I want to break 22:00 in a 5K.  I don't know if it will be the one coming up.  I bet for sure it will be the one after the Riverbank run.  I will have time to do some track work in between training seasons.  400's!!  I have a super secret marathon goal, that seems unachievable right now, but you never know.  I definitely would like to P.R. at the very least.  

I guess that is it for today.  I don't want to write too much. :)

Hope you have a great week. 

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Run, Sun, and Fun!!

The breakfast thing didn't pan out.  Not enough planning involved I guess, so I had a lot of leftovers.  :)  No biggie though, cause we'll eat it. The run went better than expected.  I was given bad information.  Our out and back was supposed to be 6 and 6.  When I went home to map it out it was closer to 7 and 7.  I also tacked on another mile out and back.  All in all I have it as 15.7 miles, and the pace was 8:24.  It was cold.  One of those tweener days. said it was like 18.  I didn't believe it, because it also said the low for the day was going to be 31.  :)  I know I should have gone outside, but I wore a wicking shirt, and a cotton shirt over to block the wind.  I would have wore my light running jacket, but lost that last summer.  I was pretty cold, but not too bad.  I was happy about the run.  Especially when I mapped out the distance.  :)

My run was solo, as Jerry ran with Jim, which changes my plan of attack.  Jerry and Jim started at the opposite side of the out and back.  Maybe I will help Jerry on his long runs.  His marathon is 3 weeks after the Riverbank.  We'll see.  I don't really need any 20 milers, but would be willing to help.  They are hard.  One thought I had about the marathon yesterday is the 16 mile mark.  That is where the really bad math is.  16 miles is a looooong run.  10+ miles left after that.  No fast miles before 16, and probably 18 really, and maybe no fast miles at all.  :)

Anyway, (using that word again I see) the sun was out yesterday, so after my nap I was able to sit outside in the sun, and it was warm enough to sit out for an hour or so.  I took the puppies on the looong 2.3 mile route.  :)  Yes I know most of the mileage around my house.  My first marathon was run with a lot of 2.3 mile training runs.  I haven't run that thing in a couple years.  I take the dogs on it though when the weather is good, like now.

We also went to see the comedy thing at the church.  That guy was funny.  I grabbed a ticket, because I knew I might want to write his name down somewhere.  :)  Comedians name is Daren Streblow.  My stomach was hurting, I was laughing so hard.  @ Lisa said she liked it when I laugh like that.  :)

I guess that is about it.  I have a 5K race in a couple weeks.  A 15 K in 3 weeks, and am signed up under another name in the final 2 races of the corporate triple crown.  A ringer if you will.  Ha Ha!!  Just kidding, the guy who is signed up cannot run.  :)

Have a great day!!!   Should be a good one.  I am taking the road bike out.  Woo Hoo!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Run and Breakfast

Once every winter we head out to Nancy's house for our Saturday long-run on Lake Shore Drive.  (Not the Chicago one).  Everyone brings some type of breakfast food, and we eat after the run.  Nancy is the lady I ran the Illinois Marathon with last year.  I beat her by a minute or something.  She is over 20 years older than me.  :)  I think she missed her Boston Qualifying time by a minute or so.  She had some health issues following that marathon, but is finally back running, and I think plans on a 1/2 marathon @ Bayshore.  It is usually pretty fun.  I just bring my egg mix of eggs, mushrooms, lotsa cheese, and Garlic Salt.  mmmmmm!!!!  :)

I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday, and luckily got a good portion done.  I biked to work, and added another 7 miles or so to the bike ride home.  Weather doesn't look like 50 will happen on Sunday, but Monday I should be able to go pretty long, as the weather looks really good then.  All relative I know.  Come September we will think high 40's  is cold for a bike ride.  :)  I may try and tack some on this afternoon if I am not too tired.

Anyway the puppies got a walk, did some laundry, and cleaned the kitchen.  @ Lisa did a bit of grocery shopping, and made dinner after her nap. (headache)  Spaghetti!!!  I went to bed early, (normal time) I was exhausted.  A pretty good day. 

Sporting news Bears signed Julius Peppers, and Chester Taylor.  I'll have to see what Clay thinks.  He'll be excited, he always is.  :)  We also signed a blocking tight end.  Chester Taylor is a great pick up.  In the NFL  2 running backs is a must.  Matt Forte needs some help.  Taylor brings that.  A motivated Peppers is a great player.  Briggs, and Urlacher, and a healthy Tommie Harris.  We'll see.

Should be a great day.  Tonight we are seeing some comedian with Lisa's best friend and husband.  It should be rated "G" as it will be at their church.  Hope he/she is funny.  :)  We'll probably do some type of dinner too.

Guess that is about it.

Hope you all have a great day.  Should be a good one for those wanting to swim/bike/run.  :)


p.s.  Sunday 50 is not off the books.  Looks like the weather will be better than I thought.  That big lake sure makes the weather men change their mind a lot.  :)

Friday, March 5, 2010


First off it was a Thursday = Friday night.  One thing different is I didn't come home exhausted, and start my "Friday" at 3:00 or whatever.  I started my Friday after I tacked on another 2 hour bike ride on top of my :20'ish to work.  No matter what anyone thinks that is a workout.  My legs were a bit rubbery when I first got off the bike.  I had that weird walk feeling you get.  I am hoping weather permitting to get my first 50 miler of the season this Sunday.  How great will that be??

Another thing is my Thursday = Friday didn't turn into me being sad.  My final song was Abba "Waterloo"  I love that song, and love that old video.  The blond from Abba was really pretty way back when.   I love how they danced too.  :)  cute.  Me not being sad, WOW!!  Gotta like that.

Anyway today is a day off, although I'll still get some biking in.  Woo Hoo!!  A great first week back to biking outside.  For the record a typical work week adds 40 miles to my biking week.  Not too shabby.  That should put me at 90 or so after today.  Sunday hopefully puts me at 140 +.  Not too shabby... for me.  Oh and also my dreadful hunger thing seems to be working its way out.  I shocked my system into a crazed hunger thing for a bit.  My system must know I am going to put it to the test this spring/summer/fall, and was just getting ready.  :)

I guess that is about it.

Happy Weekend to all... WOO HOO!!!


Steve  :)

Oh, I will leave you with a picture of Jake, Brian's dog.  Poor Puppies!!  :) Brian took the picture. Click for big version. (It's worth it, it is a great photo)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Legs Are Toast!!

Yesterday after work I did not get much accomplished.  I didn't tack on any extra riding, because I was worried about my workout for the night, and how I felt a lot of my Tuesday run.  I biked home,  I may have checked the internet.  None of your business really if I did or not. :)   I then forced myself to nap.  I wanted to try and recover as much as possible for the night's speed work.  I then took the dogs for a quick walk.

For speed work I had to drive out to the Lake on the North-side, as we were running a hill.  The hill wasn't all that long, and our Wednesday was abbreviated. (abbreviated in our cool down was a 3-mile loop)  Alan wanted us to rest from "The Cross", and we are going long this weekend.  Probably anywhere from 16-20.  Jim is probably going 20, and if he is with me maybe I'll go with him.  If he is ahead of me (likely) I'll let him do his thing.  :)

For the record Wednesday was 55 minutes of running.  I have no idea how long, so just threw down 6 miles.  I cooled down with the fast feet.  Luckily the fast feet cool down slowly.  (slowly for them of course, but I felt good.)

Guess that is about it for today.  Looks like I will have great weather today, so I plan on going for a couple hours  on the bike.  Same route.  The tires are full, so hopefully I can go further.  No need for me to change into any special work out clothes on my "work bike"  :)

Have a great day!!  :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Fast!!! What on a Tuesday???

Not sure what is up with Tuesdays.  Jerry and I still went  a little faster than we should have.  I suspect it is from two days off in a row that makes our legs feel strong.  We ended up going 6 miles @ 8:06 pace.  My legs feel it today.  Luckily we are running some monster hill tonight, and that is usually easy on the legs.

I biked to and from work again yesterday.  I didn't tack on anymore, cause we were running, I thought about it, but figured I'd like to still bike to work all week, and don't want the legs to be obliterated.  I am thinking Thursday I can go long-ish on the bike as it won't be a run day.  We'll see how it pans out.  Oh, only 4 people showed up last night, and it was a great night.  How do you miss out on a running night in good weather??  weird. 

March is really starting off on the right foot.  Sun, Sun, Sun.  Gotta love it.

I do have a couple other things to report.  Biking to work makes me hungry all the time.  I think I ate 90,000 calories yesterday.  I couldn't stop eating.  I had that stomach empty feeling all day.  Luckily I ate mostly good stuff.  I did snack on some chips.  I made a stir fry for dinner, and ate a ton of fruit yesterday.  After my run I had the other half of cantaloupe, and 3 oranges.  I put salt on it too.  I don't put salt on anything, but fruit for some reason.  Strange I know. 

Oh well, I am just blabbering now.  Guess I will go.  It was a pretty good day yesterday though.  Puppies got a walk too.  I talked @ Lisa into going with me.  I think we may have got some stuff done around the house.  I know I at least cleaned the kitchen,  after dinner too.  Woo Hoo!!

My friend Jeff doesn't call Lisa, Lisa.  He calls her @ Lisa.  :)  We are geeks!!  :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Close to 2 hours

I didn't have it in me this winter to stay in "good" biking shape.  As always, must qualify that with "good shape for me".  March 1. brought out the sun.  I was able to take my bike to work.  That is always welcome to me.  It usually takes me around 15 minutes or so to get to work on the bike.  All is welcome, because 15 to and from is 30.  As the season goes on I don't consider it a workout, but today I did.  After work I kept riding toward the lake, and down 66th street.  All in all almost 2 hours of bike riding.  Woo Hoo!!

It was a great day out.  Yes, yes, yes, I just wore my work clothes (jeans, running shoes, etc..)  I had a low tire in the front so the going was slow, but I was so glad to be outside.  YAY for vitamin D.   I think you get enough just from your face.  It has been several years since I read my nutrition book, so don't remember.

Just a couple things to note.  I went for almost 2 hours.  My feet got cold, due to running shoes.  :)  I ate two sandwiches, and a 1/2 of cantaloupe when I got home, and took a nap.  Remember at the beginning of the season just being outside makes you tired.  I remember now.  :)

I took a couple pictures, but they didn't come out.  It was a great day.  I am so glad to be able to ride my bike to work.  I love it.

That is it.  Today is a run day!!  Woo Hoo!!

Oh one other thing, swimming is done for the foreseeable future.  Back is jacked for swimming.  I am going to let my aquatic center thing lapse, til maybe my first Inventory bonus.  We'll see how things are then.

Have a good day!!  :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Lisa and I forgot our anniversary...again.  I think we have a 50/50 shot at remembering our anniversary.  Obviously we don't get all sentimental over the dates and stuff.   I think the only thing we ever celebrated in earnest were our 40th birthdays.  Mine was a few years ago, and Lisa's was like 40 years ago.  Ha Ha!!  Just kidding, it was last summer.  For the record it has been 11 years.  I know cause she told me.  :)

Yesterday I did a bunch of stuff around the house, and rode the trainer for 75 minutes.  I wanted to go for two hours, but got bored.  It worked out pretty well, because after the trainer, I took a shower, took the dogs for a walk, and got stuff for a few meals.  By that time it was time for the Hockey game.  I watched that, and what a great game that was.  U.S. lost, but they weren't even supposed to get that far.  Toews and Kane of the Blackhawks both scored.  Crosby of the Penguins scored the winner.  Great game. 

That is it, I am thinking of riding my bike to work.  I think it got up to 40 degrees yesterday. 

Have a good week!!